ACASA - Returning to The UK?

return homeIn the past six months ACASA’s casework service has taken on a new look as more and more of the expatriate community are considering returning permanently to the UK. We appreciate that this is not an easy decision to reach but it is one which more and more people are taking especially as the economic situation is having a greater impact than ever before. The early 1990s were difficult times for many expatriates but post 2008 the difficult economic climate is having a greater impact on everyones cost of living.

Such is ACASA’s concern that following its annual meeting with UK charities last October where others present expressed their concerns at the rising numbers of clients wishing to return permanently to the UK, ACASA has taken the initiative to carry out a survey of these charities to find out more about the issues they face when it comes to repatriation. A meeting has also been arranged in London at the end of April to bring these charities and others together. The outcome of this meeting will be published in future copies of the Partners’ Newsletter.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Therefore, it is not easy to provide hard and fast rules for those considering taking this step. Nevertheless, ACASA would recommend readers to think ahead and to plan. For those with access to the Internet and who wish to make a start, websites such as the UK Government’s is well worth a read. Look-ing for accommodation with suitable care facilities? The Elderly Accommodation Council’s website

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