Many of us dream about packing up and starting a new life abroad, with visions of a better quality of life and getting more for our money. Around one in 12 people of pensionable age have made this dream a reality and many of them never look back. But careful planning and preparation are crucial to ensure that such a huge life change is a success, both now and in the years to come.

The information below aims to highlight some of the key points you should consider before moving abroad in general and moving to Spain specifically.

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What To Consider Before You Move


Before You Go
Provided by GOV.UK
Information from the British Government on which authorities you should inform if you move abroad.


European Union Official Website
Provided by the European Union
A great website giving an overview of your rights and responsibilities when moving within the European Union.


Retiring Abroad
Provided by Age UK
General advice on what to consider before you make the decision to retire abroad.


Moving Your Belongings To Spain


EU Guidelines on Registering Your Car
Provided by the Official Website of the European Union
A general guide on legal requirements when you move your car within the EU



Taking Your Vehicle Out Of The UK
Provided by GOV.UK
Information on the DVLA forms you need to complete when taking you car abroad for more than 12 months.



Taking Your Pet Abroad
Provided by GOV.UK
Information on what to do if you wish to take your pet abroad.