Each year many British nationals living in Spain choose to return to the UK to live. They do so for many reasons: the end of a job, to be nearer family, poor health, or because they miss the green hills.

Moving back to the UK can be as big a change as moving to Spain in the first place. It requires equally careful planning and preparation to ensure that such a huge life change is a success. This is particularly important if you are moving back to the UK for health or financial reasons. The ‘Habitual Residency Test’ and any property you own in Spain may affect your entitlement to some UK benefits and social services.

The information below aims to highlight the key points you should take into consideration before making the decision to move back.

DISCLAIMER: Information provided by or sponsored by other organisations is done so for the convenience of the enquirers. No member of the Federación of Age Concern España takes any responsibility for the competence or probity of any of the organisations below or for the consequence of any advice given to or action taken by the enquirer.


Information On Returning to The UK From Abroad

Returning from Abroad
Provided by Age UK
General advice on what to consider before you make the decision to return to live in the UK.


British Embassy Logo100x100

Returning to the UK
Provided by The British Embassy in Spain
Specific advice on steps to take if you are returning to live in the UK after a period spent living in Spain.



The Habitual Residency Test
Provided by Citizens Advice Bureau
Details on how The Habitual Residency Test may effect access to means tested benefits for British nationals returning to the UK after a period living abroad.


Links to Useful Websites for Information and Services in the UK

Provided by the UK Government
The UK Government’s official information site on anything to do with public services in the UK.


Advice Guide
Provided by Citizens Advice
A great selfhelp website detailing all your rights and responsibilities in the UK.


Age UK Website
Provided by Age UK
The official website of the Age UK Group which works to improve later life for everyone by providing life-enhancing services and vital support. A great website for information on issues affecting the elderly in the UK.


UK Benefits for Older People
Provided by Citizens Advice
A guide benefits and services available for the elderly in the UK. NOTE: Entitlement to some of these benefits and services requires you to be ‘habitually resident’ in the UK.


Care in Old Age in the UK
Provided by Age UK
The Age UK Home and Care page explains all the options available for care in the UK, how to access them and paying for them.


Domiciliary and Residential Care Providers in the UK
Provided by the Care Quality Commission
The Care Quality Commission is the official organisation repsonsible for checking that hospitals, care homes and care services meet the government standards. All care providers in the UK should be registered with this organisation and access to their quality reports are freely accessible on the website.


Advice on Housing and Homelessness
Provided by the Shelter
If you are returning to the UK and do not have access to housing, or you are returning as a homeless person, then please check this website for all advice on housing and homeslessness. In particular check the rules for applying for emergency housing via the local district council as these are subject to strict criteria including the habitual residency test.