An estimated 800,000 to 1 million British people are resident in Spain: over 50% of these are enjoying their retirement here. And why not? The Spanish are very friendly, the sun shines, the food and drink are plentiful and there is so much to do and see.

Spain is a very accomodating country and in some areas English speaking residents are so plentiful it is easy to forget that you are living in a foreign country. However we all have the responsibility to make sure we live in Spain legally, and you will gain so much more from your time here if you integrate with the Spanish way of life as befits a foreigner living in a host country.

Nobody enjoys redtape and moving country certainly seems to involve a lot of that. Sometimes it can seem easier to keep postponing……. but whether you have come to Spain to work or to retire, a bit of effort upfront will save you a whole lot of trouble later on.

The information below is designed to guide you through some of the most common issues that arise for British residents in Spain.

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