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 The Buddy System

buddy system This month we have been considering the many people who live on their own, and those who sometimes live alone. We would like to instigate some sort of regular buddy phone call where two or three people “buddy up” and ring each other daily just to say “All is well”. The problem comes when there is no reply; then some sort of investigation needs to take place urgently.

There are quite a few people here without transport; and who will have the keys to the house? And would you be “happy” to go along fearing the worse, use the set of keys to let yourself in, (do you know the dogs well enough not to be bitten), and to find someone perhaps unconscious on the floor? Could you call for an ambulance from their house and give accurate directions?

There seems to be no easy answer; there is no 24 hour reliable key holding service here. Age Concern would be willing to help someone set up a program and assist with needed information; however, we are not currently manned at a level which would allow us to provide a key holding service. Our advice has to be to phone a friend every day, and have clear instructions on what to do if they don´t respond. We would be glad to hear from anyone who already has such a system in place.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteer IconDue to health issues or other requirements we lost a couple more committee members during 2013 and, although we still have enough to run the organisation, it would be a great time to pump the numbers back up. We’ll have our Annual General Meeting in May so can officially add members. Please ring our life line number 634 31 52 89 if you are interested in becoming a committee member or volunteer. Each volunteer can work as many or few hours as they wish, on days that they are available; we are always stretched at weekends.



Dave Fisher
Press Officer
Age Concern Costa de la Luz Sur

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