Age Concern, Estepona and Manilva - Health Talk

Eileen and RachelLast Thursday Dr Rachel Garrod PhD. MSc. MCS gave a talk at Age Concern’s Drop-in-Centre in Estepona on the benefits of exercise for the elderly and those who are chronically ill. She referred to studies and research that she has carried out where comparisons have been made between people with similar conditions who have taken exercise and improved as a result, and those who have not.

She explained that improved well-being and self-esteem is a key to improving the quality of life for people who have serious illnesses and said that elderly people living on the coast gain benefit from the sun, sea and trees all around them leading to longer life spans.

Rachel talked about the need for people to improve their posture, and to improve muscle and bone strength by increasing their capacity to exercise. She demonstrated some of the simple exercises people can undertake. She explained how one can determine their own measure of fitness based on resting heart rate and how exercise should be undertaken to fit within the limit of the individual’s capability making sure that the heart rate rises above the resting rate.

Questions were asked, and answered, throughout the talk and Rachel was thanked for her interesting and thought provoking session. Anyone requiring more information can contact Age Concern.



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