Age Concern, Estepona and Manilva, December Outings

Age Concern, Estepona and Manilva, Volunteers Meeting

Age Concern brought the volunteers, who work for the charity in the community, the shop, and the Drop-In-Centre, together for a pre-Christmas gathering. With food and drink on hand the volunteers were able to chat about their experiences in the past year, and about the future of the charity, as the number of cases continues to increase.


Without the volunteers the charity would be unable to function as smoothly as it does.

2013 is expected to be another year of expansion as problems continue to increase for older people in the community and more advice, information and help is sought.


Age Concern, Estepona and Manilva, Coach Trip

Age Concern arranged a coach trip on 12th December to Malaga. Fifty people enjoyed the journey to the city where they were able to shop, eat, and wander the streets admiring the fantastic Christmas lights. Everyone agreed that it was a great evening out and that the lights really bring the Christmas spirit to life.


Age Concern, Estepona and Manilva, Lifeline

For older people who require help or advice Age Concern operate a telephone service called Lifeline. This gives the individual a direct point of contact with the charity. The telephone number is 650 163 928. It should be noted that Age Concern is not an emergency service. There is also an email address where you can contact Age Concern, Estepona and Manilva. It is [email protected] .

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