Age Concern España’s Casework Service Making Waves

Thanks to a donation from Seafarers UK, Age Concern España’s Casework Ser-vice is helping seafarers in need and their families who live in Spain. The Casework Service provides information and support through a small, national team of volunteer Caseworkers. The service operates across the whole of Spain and is wholly dependent on public support.

Pat Neal, Casework Manager, who co-ordinates the service, is looking for people to join the Casework team so that the service can reach more people.

“Being a Caseworker does not involve a lot of time on a regular basis, but it does need commitment, an ability to listen, assess a person’s circumstances without being judgemental and maintain confidentiality. Some of our clients need just a little bit of help to maintain their independence. Others need a lot of support from different agencies. The Caseworker is key to unlocking that support by providing an independent and unbiased assessment. We provide training and sup-port and reimburse the travel costs for each casework visit, so that the case-worker is not out of pocket. Just one Casework visit can be the key to changing a person’s life, by getting them the help they need.”

The support from Seafarers UK, together with the Soldiers Charity and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, enables Age Concern to run the Casework Service for people with military connections. Funding is currently being sought to cover the costs of maintaining the service for civilians.

Can you help? Contact us on the Age Concern INFOLINE 902 00 38 38 or email [email protected]. Age Concern España provides support and promotes the well being of the over 50s in Spain. Through our volunteers we provide a range of services to help with integration into Spanish life and to pro-vide information, advice and support for common issues that affect the over 50s. Visit the Age Concern España website to find out more about our local Age Concern organisations and national services.

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