• Protect the rights and promote wellbeing of the elderly (over 50 years).
  • To provide assistance and help of whatever nature to whoever indicates a need for it.
  • Promote the integration of foreign residents in the daily life and culture of Spain.
  • Inform foreign residents in respect to the customs and normal practices in Spain, maintaining contact with the authorities, both Spanish and foreign, in order to facilitate a better mutual understanding.

The objectives will be supported by the following activities:

  • Visits to hospitals and private homes of people who require help of any sort.
  • Organisation of excursions, classes of Spanish language, and events with the collaboration of institutions of the autonomous community of Cadiz, the British Consulate, and other associations, all with the aim of help and integration of the foreign community and their place of residence.
  • Help with the management and solution of problems, maintaining the appropriate contact with the appropriate official departments in charge of resolution of said issues.