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Personal experiences

Here are just a few views of living in Spain and Age Concern España. If you would like to add any comments‚ please contact your local Age Concern.

"I only wish we had given more thought to what we would do when we were no longer capable of caring for ourselves." Mary B.

"After a lot of searching for a suitable house‚ we settled for one within walking distance of the village.  Now that my husband can no longer drive‚ I am so pleased that we are within easy reach of all the services."
Jane T.

"Whenever I have had a problem‚ Age Concern has always been there to talk it through." Gladys B.

"After my wife died‚ Age Concernís outings and lunches helped me to get back into the world again." Sid T.

"My neighbours told me that it wasnít necessary to have a residence permit or to register with the local council‚ so I didnít bother to do anything about it.  Now I need help from the Social Services‚ I am not eligible for assistance.  I canít afford to pay for nursing care so I have no alternative but to think about going back to East Anglia." Peter M.

"I couldnít understand all the doctor was saying to me on my first visit to the hospital so I asked Age Concern to help.  One of their linguists got matters sorted out for me in no time." Freda G.

"We thought long and hard before we bought our home in Spain.  Although we have had one or two hiccups‚ our research has paid off time and time again." Bill and June W.

"Although my Spanish is not always grammatically correct‚ at least I try to make myself understood.  It is surprising how patient local people are when they see that I am trying to communicate." Pauline M.

"When my husband died I couldnít get my act together to make the necessary arrangements.  Fortunately I had discussed this with Age Concern when I first realised my husband was not going to recover and told them what I wanted.  Consulting me every step of the way‚ their volunteers made all the necessary arrangements and I didnít have to worry about a thing." Janice P.

Page updated: 02 April 2003

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