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Information and Advice
Age Concern España produces a set of factsheets‚ providing information in English for expatriates resident in Spain. The most popular sheets are available to download directly from this site. 

Factsheets available to download (these are all PDFs that will open in a new window):

Infosheet 1 - Retiring to Spain

Infosheet 2 - Health care in the EEC

Infosheet 4 - What to do in case of death


Infosheet 3 - Exportable benefits

Infosheet 5 - Benefits from UK charities

Infosheet 6 - British war disability pension

Infosheet 7 - UK habitual residence test

Health and personal welfare

Infosheet 8 - Breast Cancer Screening

Infosheet 9 - Catararacts and eye surgery

Infosheet 10 - Diabetic retinopathy

Infosheet 11 - Glaucoma

Infosheet 12 - Help with continence

Infosheet 13 - Keeping Warm

Infosheet 14 - Personal information

Infosheet 15 - Precautions against falls in the home

Infosheet 16 - Phone emergency assistance

Pet health and welfare

Infosheet 17 - Health Care for Cats and Dogs

Infosheet 18 - Glossary of Spanish banking terminology

Infosheet 19 - Glossary of Spanish financial terminology

Infosheet 20 - Driving licence points system

Infosheet 21 - Spanish driving licence renewal

Infosheet 22 - Telefonica phone services

Infosheet 23 - Translation of standard phraseology on Telefonica phone bills

Infosheet 24 - Translation of standard phraseology on electricity bills

Infosheet 25  Translation of standard phraseology on mobile phone bills

List of Infosheets and issue dates - 30.12.07

Factsheets available on request

All the following factsheets are available on request and can be posted to you for a small charge to cover postage costs. Please contact the address below to request factsheets:

Age Concern España (the Federation)
Apartado 7
07180 Santa Ponsa
Tel.: (+34) 971 23 15 20
Fax: (+34) 971 23 04 90
E-mail: [email protected]

Contacts and services
Clinics and hospitals in the Baleares
Hospitals in Lanzarote
Hospital visiting service

Social services
Ibiza Social Services Centres
Lanzarote Social Services Centres
Mallorca Social Service Centres
Menorca Social Services Centres
Palma Social Service Centres
Social Security Offices in Palma de Mallorca

How do I request factsheets?

Age Concern England also has a comprehensive information service that can provide information on a wide range of issues. These are written for UK residents but can be a useful source of general information.

Page updated: 20 April 2009

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