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Is the text size too large or too small?
If you find that the text size on the pages is too small or too large, you can alter the text size on the page through your browser options: in Internet Explorer, go to View > Text size and select your desired text size setting (eg. larger, smaller); in Netscape browsers go to View>Text size. Select a larger or smaller 'percentage' or click on 'larger' (or 'smaller') to go one size up or down.

Changing your computer screen settings
To change the size of the image shown on your screen on a PC running the Windows 95 and upwards operating system, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings and change the desktop area by using the sliding bar.

On an Apple Macintosh, you can use the Monitor & Sound Control Panel to change the resolution.

Having difficulty with your keyboard or mouse?
You can fine-tune your mouse and keyboard settings under Start>Settings>Control Panel>Accessibility in Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and XP.

Navigating the website using your keyboard
You can navigate to selected areas of our website using designated shortcut keys on your keyboard. You will need to press alt and the number designated below, followed by Enter in order to use keyboard shortcuts: 

Home = 1
What’s new = 2
Sitemap = 3
Contact Us = 7
Terms of Use = 8
Accessibility = 0

Skipping Navigation for talking browsers and screen readers
For speech browsers, You can press alt and S followed by Enter to skip navigation on our pages.

Having difficulty accessing a pdf document?
In order to gain access to pdf files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. You can download Adobe Reader below:

Acrobat Reader 5.1 with Search and Accessibility - English for Windows 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP (13.4 MB)

Acrobat Reader 5.1 with Search - English for Macintosh (MacBinary) (972 KB)

Acrobat Reader 5.1 (monolithic) - English for Macintosh (MacBinary) (43.4 MB) (single file installer intended for use on tangible media and inside firewalls)

Accessing a pdf document using a screen reader?
Adobe PDF documents are compatible with Microsoft® Windows® based screen readers. If you have a screen reader which cannot read Adobe PDF documents, there are tools to convert PDFs into HTML on the Adobe website.

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