ACASA’S Annual Meeting with UK Charities in London

On 12 October 2011, ACASA - The National Casework Service of Age Concern España - hosted a meeting in London of representatives of the UK charities with which we work. Judy Arnold-Boakes, ACASA President, chaired the meeting as she has done for 16 years, albeit previously as Age Concern España.

The members of ACASA’s Executive Committee were there as was its Country Manager, Kim Stollard, and its Almonisation Officer, Pat Neal. Attendees included representatives of UK military and non-military charities, all of which have existing and potential clients living in Spain. The meeting was extremely useful with those present discussing issues affecting their clients in Spain and how they can assist in resolving their problems. Judy also took advantage of being in London to visit several charities at their offices for discussions.

ACASA’s relationships with the UK Charities is vital to our work and, after the 16 years of annual meetings, those relationships are built on mutual trust and respect such that the UK Charities accept ACASA as an ‘honest broker’ between them and their clients in Spain.

Members of the ACASA Executive Committee

(from L-R) Judy Arnold-Boakes, President; Angela Keay, Secretary; Oscar Franklin, International Programme Manager for Age UK and Sarah-Jane Morris, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Consular Network Manager for Southern Europe, and ACASA Treasurer. Liz Prosser, Branch Director, SSAFA Forces Help, is also an ACASA Executive Committee member.


ACASA - Official Partner of The British Embassy in Spain, Age UK and SSAFA Forces Help.

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