Help Across The Generations Helps Our Clients

In the August newsletter we reported on a donation ACASA received from the British School of Alicante in June 2011 - how gratifying it is to know that young people are being educated to help the older generation and that they consider giving to charity an important part of their lives. The pupils on the British School of Alicante’s Charity Committee will be considering whether to add ACASA to their list of charities to receive donations in the school year 2011/2012 and we hope that they will say “Yes”.

Although Age Concern’s client group consists of people over the age of 50, those clients have extended families of children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren and more! Sometimes an older person’s concern can be caused by a problem of a younger member of the family and if we can resolve that person’s problem then we have helped the older client to regain their peace of mind. When families are involved, we cannot always separate one member from another.

For example, a mother contacted Age Concern concerned about her adult son who was going through a particularly difficult time, which was causing her much anguish. She had contacted other organisations, all of which told her over the telephone that they could not help. ACASA was the only organisation which responded by saying we would visit her. We did not know if we could help but we talked to the client face-to-face which she appreciated greatly as it meant that someone cared. But we found that we could help. Between the client, ACASA, and the local Age Concern Organisation (Age Concern Costa Blanca Sur) the son was helped to return to the UK where he was helped to be rehabilitated to the point where he is now in good employment and rebuilding his life - and Mum is happy again.

So, thank you again to the pupils and staff of the British School of Alicante who know that they can play a very important part in helping other members of the community. The ethics instilled in the pupils by the School to help members of the community in which they live will stay with them throughout their lives to the benefit of everyone.

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