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AC Estepona death of volunteerIt is with sadness that we learned of the death of friend Sue, wife of John Pinhey, following a long illness courageously borne.  We send to John and family our prayers and thoughts at this difficult time.


DON’T LOSE CONTACT says President Tony

It’s far too easy in later life just to think that things will carry on as normal as they have done for many years, but the time has now come to face the new reality in life with all the criminals and fraudsters taking advantage of the non suspicious elderly.

As reported in The Ibizan issue 792 l6th July 2015, there are still doorstop scams going on as usual during the summer months, with one new one who claim they are from Endesa, and have come to explain the new format of the invoices, to gain access to your property.

 The ongoing gas scam is still in operation, where maintenance men check and replace a valve and charge a ridiculous amount of money.  There is also one using the name of Microsoft, who phone you up and say there is a problem with your computer and request your bank details to sort it out.

 In this day and age, we all have to be on our guard, and not take things at face value, therefore I would suggest that you question  everyone  who knocks on your door that is unknown to you and if you are in  any doubt about their authenticity decline all their requests for entry into your property.

 The Ibizan is a good source of information and keeps you up to date of what is happening on the island.  Therefore I urge you to pick one up every week for your own peace of mind.



There is a much easier way to renew your card than attending at the Social Office in Ibiza and waiting until your number is called.

Simply telephone the NHS on +44 191 2790575.

You will be asked to choose an extension number whereon the operative will request your National Insurance Number or reference number (always found at the top of any communication received from the Dept. Works and Pensions).  A few simple questions and that is it.  You should receive your new card within l0 days.  Should your current card run out in 6 months you can place an order now.




 The ever popular Bingo has been arranged to take place on Friday the l3th November at the Olive Tree Cala de Bou.  Doors open at 3.p.m.  Raffle prizes would be much appreciated.  Why not come along and have a great afternoon.



 xmas dinnerIt has been decided to jointly hold this event on the 3rd December 2015, at Can Truy.

Finding a suitable venue for a summer event proved to be out of the question cost wise and following discussion it was decided to combine the two events at Christmas time. Your Entertainments Committee are well into the arrangements and further details will be  forthcoming at a later date.  This promises to be extra special  and it is hoped that you will bring yourselves and your friends  along on the day.


And finally:

Happiness … is finding two olives in your martini when you’re  hungry



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