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President of Age Concern España - Role Description for Applicants

Please note that this is an unpaid voluntary position

The President will work with other members of the Board to ensure that Age Concern España achieves its charitable objectives, whilst abiding by its values and keeping within the law.

The President’s role is in two parts: managerial tasks and legal duties.  He/she will have access to Spanish legal and fiscal advice as well as being supported by the International Unit of Age Concern England, the Co-Patron of Age Concern España, as well as the members of the Board, its paid staff and experienced volunteers.

The President’s managerial tasks will be:-

To provide vision and purpose

  • To understand and be committed to the mission of Age Concern España
  • To ensure that Age Concern España pursues its mission.


  • To read and understanding the financial information about Age Concern España and to ensure that the finances are sound and properly managed
  • To ensure that resources are used efficiently and economically

As an employer

  • To ensure that Age Concern España is a good employer of both its paid and voluntary staff
  • To appoint the paid staff
  • To supervise and support the paid staff (currently two part-time employees)
  • To ensure that Federation volunteers are properly supervised


  • To monitor and evaluate the work of Age Concern España on a regular basis.


  • To ensure that Age Concern España is properly insured


  • To make sure that investments and cash balances are managed properly

To be effective

  • To work with the other Board members to form an effective governing body for the organisation
  • To prepare the agenda for Board meetings and chairing meetings
  • To participate in tasks arising from the Business plan, for example, developing fundraising materials
  • To liaise with Age Concern España’s major funders including Age Concern England
  • To take  responsibility for preparing and agreeing publicity messages and press releases for Age Concern España

The President will have, along with all members of the Board, a legal duty to:

  • Ensure that Age Concern España pursues its objectives as set out in its governing instrument
  • Have read and understand the governing instrument
  • Act at all times in the interests of the beneficiaries (the people who benefit from the activities of Age Concern España
  • Understand the legal responsibilities of the role
  • Make sure that Age Concern España acts within the law
  • Ensure that money and assets are prudently managed and used in pursuit of the objects of Age Concern España
  • Make sure that money is spent for the purposes for which it is given
  • Ensure that Age Concern España accounts for its activities to others as required
  • Work jointly and collaboratively with other members of the Board
  • Ensure that Age Concern España manages its affairs reasonably and properly
  • Work in the interests of Age Concern España and not for personal gain
  • Ensure that the Board takes proper professional advice on matters in which it does not have competence.

Person Specification

  • Legal resident of Spain
  • Experience within the voluntary sector would be useful
  • Life skills and experience in other fields that would be of advantage to Age Concern España
  • Ability to communicate in Spanish and English, written and spoken, would be preferred
  • Interest in issues facing older people, and interest in Spain, its people, and its government
  • Computer literate, with the ability to communicate effectively using email, both within, and outside, the organisation (i.e. able to produce well formed, grammatically correct, letters and reports etc
  • A willingness to travel within Spain and occasionally to other countries, and having no physical disability which would preclude such travel

Page updated: 19 February 2007

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