Age Concern Fuengirola y Mijas - Feeling good what will tomorrow bring

Spain can be a great place to live especially if you have family or a life partner here and friends that you can rely on. If you have these then you already know that you are blessed.

However many are not so fortunate. In our high tech, 24/7 impersonal world a silent killer moves amongst us destroying lives. Uninvited and certainly unwanted, this devastation seeks out and envelopes the weak, the elderly and the vulnerable. It is indiscriminate. Man or Woman, it makes no difference, all are prey.

Yet, somehow it doesn´t make the news headlines preferring the shadows. It is a case of “out of sight, out of mind ” Those who have succumbed show no visible symptoms. The effects however can be more damaging than obesity or smoking. It invades minds and bodies feeding on illness and hampering recovery. And yes, it does have a name. It is called LONELINESS.

Age Concern Fuengirola y Mijas are at the forefront of the fight to turn the tide against loneliness. Our core objectives are to provide advice, support and friendship. Practical help provided by caring Volunteers. This is social interaction at its very best. Unlike many we get involved and we do get results. All our clients are considered part of our extended family.

It will be a long fight but we will win with your help. You hold the key to our success. We need your support in the form of sponsorship, donations and Volunteers to continue our work. Great or small everything you do helps.

Our plan is really very simple. Step 1 is to obtain a shop where we can sell all our donated goods. This will give us a regular income stream and support the vital role of our Volunteers. Step 2 is to obtain a community centre where we can be available for our clients throughout the week, every week. Our clients are the over 50´s English speaking expat community in Fuengirola and Mijas. All are welcome so please come and join our extended family.

We already help many through our drop in centres and our Lifeline, but there is a great need to help and support more people. LONELINESS can creep up on anyone at anytime. Nobody can predict their future. No one is immune to illness/disability or the pain of losing a partner.

If you have the time, pop in and talk to us about how you could help us and how we can help you. We are at the Manila bar, next to the Yaramar hotel, Los Boliches promenade EVERY Thursday from 11:00-13:00 or El Caballo de Oro in the main square La Cala behind Supersol EVERY Friday from 11.30-13:00.

Too busy, not a problem. You can call our Lifeline any weekday from 10.00-17.00 on 652 53 76 15. Whether you are a prospective Sponsor,Donor,Volunteer or Client, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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