634 315 289

9.00am to 5.00pm Monday - Friday

Voice mail available for calls outside of working hours


This is Age Concern’s welfare section and often the first point of contact between the client and the charity. Clients are assessed and a volunteer is allocated to the client if needed.

So, what is LIFELINE and what does it do?

First, it is not an emergency service! If you have an emergency you should contact a local emergency services telephone number or 112. If you have problems with this, then we can help.

We do help with such things as:

  • shopping
  • doctor/hospital visits
  • befriending/lending a friendly ear

We also provide general advice on issues affecting the over fifties in Spain such as access to local healthcare, bus passes, respite care, and translators for a hospital visit.

We should be thought of as ¨facilitators.¨ If assistance is needed in an area in which we cannot help (medical/medicinal care, cleaning, lifting, gardening, etc.) we will help arrange services and we will mediate with the local social services as necessary.

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Volunteer for LIFELINE

We are training volunteers, but we are in need of many more. As it is a volunteer position, one is not required to be on call all the time and for all things. If you can provide a couple hours a week or an occasional ride to the market or doctor/hospital, that´s great! If you can provide more, even better. The more volunteers we have the easier it is to parse out the volunteer time and efforts. We will provide all the training you want/need to do what you would like to do. We are all in the learning mode at this time. So, if you´d like to help out your community, especially those who are a bit older and may not be able to fend for themselves completely, please give us a call at the Lifeline number 634 315 289 or send us an email at [email protected] and we´ll meet up to see what we can do together.